Babybot - Portable Edition

Cloud Based Wellness Monitor

For Family and Home Care Service

Integrated multiple welness indicators suitable for a family's household. Easy to self-manage health status. AC and battery powered with automatic data upload to cloud service. Ideal for visiting home care services medical personnel.

Blood Pressure
Light-weight cuff style

Blood Glucose
Measures 20-600 mg/dL

Hand Grip Strength
Measures 0-99 kg

Body Mass Index
Measures 0-200 kg

Strength Training
Enhance muscle strength anytime

Babybot - Public Edition

Cloud Based Wellness Evaluation Kiosk

For Hospital, Clinic and Community

Professional health analysis system specially designed for frailty and sarcopenia. Automatically transmitting collected patient's data to Netown's cloud service where it is stored and analyzed with Netown's patented algorithm creating a report on the state of wellness and potential path to a healthier life.

Frailty Analysis
Evaluate from 5 aspects

Grip Strength
Tested with a hand grip

Sit-to-Stand Speed
Test for leg muscle strangth

Walking Speed
From sit to stand and walk around

Muscle Mass
Test by bioelectrical impedance analysis

Test by ultrasonic meter

Strength Training
Connected to multiple exercise equipment

Babybot Public Edition is available for customization. Welcome to contact us for detail information.

Babybot - Nursing Car

For Nursing center, Retirement home

Trustworthy International Device
Use worldwide branding measuring devices to get reliable vital sign data including blood pressure, blood glucose, pulse oximeter, ECG, and temperature.

Easy Use Touch Panel
User-friendly UI lets personnel finish daily record by fingertips without learning hassle.

Automatic Upload Data
After measuring, all the data is uploading to platform automatically.

Fast and Efficient Record
Setup quick tables for different job titles to improve efficiency.

Video Conference Caring
Nursing car and tablet can be used for face to face video conference with nursing station and relatives.

Portable Nursing Tablet
Tablet system lets staff easily carry to everywhere to update daily record.

Cloud-Based Service
Could-based platform to get any information remotely. No more rushing between nursing station and nursing bed.