Your Heart, Your Life, We Care


Compact, lightweight & easy to store, interface easy to use.


Living habits, trends in healthcare, prevention of chronic disease.

Health Management

Discover personal health trends of physiological measurements on your computer & mobile device to grasp health status.
Our Vision

Your Health
Improve health of elder generation to uphold the quality of life purpose.

Your Life
According to technology we use to innovate our personalization of health-care knowledge processes.

We Care
Committed to public health & service of life chain are connected in series. We also extend the database to integrate medical institutions & health checkup file.

Netown Cloud

Intelligence community - Increase our community values
Construction company or building management committee can buy or rent our Babybot & Netown Cloud to give their tenants measuring, after the measurement will auto stored data to the Netown cloud. Our Netown Cloud also can publish community news.

We upload the Physiological data from people who do the vital sign measurement to our Netown Cloud. This data can help doctors diagnose and do condition tracking. Assort with Health Hall to construct the localized healthcare network.

When Consumers come to store, they use Babybot to do the measurement, pharmacists can make recommendations through the data. They also can released some information deals at Netown cloud.

Personal Health Management
Get our Babybot-Home Edition, concerned the situation of elders at anytime anywhere to do the exercise & nutrition of health management.